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Work Experience – taking opportunities with Ruby

We had the pleasure of welcoming Ruby, from Sandbach High School and Sixth Form, for work experience!

During her time here she learnt about all the different areas of the business from Mortgages, Client Managers, Business Relations, and the Academy.

Ruby wrote an article about how she found her time here as well as why she thinks work experience is so valuable for young adults like herself…

Work experience at Franklyn Financial Management has been a very useful and exciting experience for me, it has helped me gain a much better understanding of everything that goes on when it comes to a career in finance.

Work experience is very important as it helps you to decide whether or not you would enjoy doing a certain job and also gives you an idea of what working a 9-5 is like. At Franklyn, the people are extremely friendly and treat you as if you are an adult, this helps build a lot of confidence when being around other adults which is another benefit of this experience.

Franklyn Financial Management has had me in many different areas, learning about all of the jobs that are offered within the business.
I started my week speaking to Henry and James learning about the client manager’s roles and what their days consist of. I learnt about the importance of a Letter of Authority, coversheets, illustrations, trusts, anti-money laundering sheets and many other crucial things that have to be done to make sure the client and their money are safe when it comes to pensions, investments and many other things.

That afternoon, I moved to the mortgage side of the business with Tom and Jordan and learnt about Confidential Financial Reviews and also did some stamp duty calculations which is the tax that is required when a person buys a new house. As I enjoy maths I liked doing these as I got a chance to see how it is used in the real world.

My second morning was with Ryan and I learnt about the Auto Enrolment scheme and group benefits. This was extremely interesting and also made me realise the importance of starting your pension early and ensuring that you and your family have the right insurance in case something was to happen.

I then spent my afternoon with Kayley in digital marketing creating some recruitment posts for social media and also for Stoke City’s first game back of the season and Sake Sharks, I really enjoyed making these on Canva as I was able to be creative and use that programme that I have never seen before.

My favourite part was between learning about mortgages and doing the stamp duty calculations or digital marketing as maths and marketing both interest me, this experience has definitely made me consider some new potential A-level subjects that I would find useful as well as interesting.
When going into this, I was unaware of everything that was being done behind the scenes and I now understand all the work that goes into ensuring that the clients are making the best possible decisions with their money and have I developed a strong interest in it.

I have also learnt what it is like to be in a real working environment with people from all different backgrounds, this has prepared me for the future wherever I work as I have seen how people act in the office.

Over the past few days, I have also noticed the compassionate environment at FFM, everyone is so polite and friendly and whenever someone is struggling, they always get the help that they need from one of their colleagues. Understanding what life would be like as an employee at Franklyn Financial Management has definitely helped to direct me towards a career path that I could want in the future.

As I am only in year 10, I have chosen to do this work experience quite early as I still have a few years before I will have to do any important decision-making about my career, but speaking to all of the employees here at Franklyn about their education and how they got the opportunity to work for the company, it has helped me to understand the educational decisions I need to make when it comes to my A level subjects and the grades I should be aiming for to be able to potentially apply for a job.

I have also learnt that as well as the grades, it is very important to have experience when applying for a job as it will show the employer that you are able to work in a professional environment and gives them more faith that you will work well with others as you have already experienced the workplace conditions.

I have learnt so much whilst doing my work experience at FFM and have really enjoyed spending my time here.

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