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Work experience at FFM ‘a great opportunity’ says local student Matt

Year 12 student at Congleton High School, Matt Donathy, has spent his last four Wednesday afternoons at Franklyn Financial Management on Work Experience learning about the world FFM work in and supporting them on a range of different activities such as their Winter Waltz event preparation and client communication.

Currently studying Economics, Business, and History, for A Levels at the local Sixth Form, Matt is hoping to go onto study Business Management at University and hopes that his time at Franklyn will help him achieve his goal.

What has his time been like at the Congleton based Financial Planning firm though? Find out what Matt has to say in his own words…

My time at Franklyn Financial Management has been a very exciting opportuning for myself as I have adapted to the atmosphere of a typical financial company that of which I hope to experience when I am an adult myself. Throughout the past 3 weeks of working here, I have developed very nice relationships with all the people working here and have been warmly welcomed into the company by all the employees. Despite me working here for a limited amount of time, I have very much enjoyed my time here already as the company never keeps me waiting, they always have work for me to do in the different departments of the company and I have developed certain skills which has been beneficial for myself to use in the foreseeable future. I would highly recommend getting experience at Franklyn Financial Management purely because of the environment that they have here – the people working here make me feel like I am a part of their team, and they never exclude me from an tasks or requests. I have been working at Franklyn every Wednesday for a substantial time period which has also helped me balance my schoolwork. It has taught me about the everyday life of an employee working here, and I have learnt how to cope under office conditions.

Franklyn Financial Management have had me helping them out on several different of activities including their charity work and they have introduced me to new and exciting opportunities which they are developing in the future.

My time with FFM so far has been phenomenal and it’s because of Franklyn that I have developed a better insight on what life is like as an employee at a financial management firm. I have learnt how to communicate better with adults, and I have learnt how to be independent in my work. To have the privilege to work in such an amazing company, it has given me the chance to prove to myself that I can work in this type of environment and helped me think about what decision I should make in my life when it comes to choosing my future career.

After being here at Franklyn for a few weeks, I would seriously consider applying for a job at the firm. Franklyn has a great working environment and unlike other companies, Franklyn have specific goals which motivates every single employee including myself.

Work experience at FFM is a great opportunity to show what you can do for the company and what skills you can develop moving forward. It is a great chance for young students to participate in a range of activities and by doing so, it gives you something great to put on your CV or personal statement for university/apprenticeships.

I have had such an amazing experience at Franklyn so far and look forward to the remaining few weeks.

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