Franklyn Fox

Financial Education Mascot

Franklyn Fox is our Financial Education Mascot and joined the team in early 2022 following the launch of our very own children’s book ‘Franklyn – No Ordinary Fox’.

As our Financial Education Mascot, Franklyn Fox spreads the all important message of saving for the future around to young people in our local community.

He does this by surprising pupils on our ‘Franklyn – No Ordinary Fox School Tour’ which sees us visiting schools in the Cheshire and Northwest area and running our special Franklyn Fox sessions.

At a Franklyn Fox session, pupils read our book, discuss the themes within it, and spend time completing a worksheet to help them think about saving for their own future.

In his spare time, Franklyn Fox loves collecting nuts and berries and growing trees in his orchard with the bunnies!

Find out more about Franklyn Fox here.