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Introducing our new Franklyn brand

At Franklyn, business has always been personal. Its as true today as it was when we launched back in 1999. It defines the way we do what we do.

So… what is it that we do? There are a few ways to describe our business, and weve probably used all of them at various points in the past. You might call us financial planners, financial advisers, or wealth managers – or you could say we deliver financial services in Cheshire and throughout the UK.

For our part, we tend to look beyond these functional titles. As we say, our business is personal, so we prefer to talk about the truth at the heart of what we do: we help people secure their financial futures, guiding them towards their long-term financial security, aspirations and goals.

Its about you…

To achieve these aims, we dont treat people as boxes to be ticked or numbers to add to a spreadsheet. Instead, we build relationships for the long term, getting to know our clients and working together, committed to the community we live and work alongside.

For this reason, we wanted to make sure our brand represented who we really are. 

To start this process we wanted to remain true to our principles, so we began by listening. We listened to our team, we listened to our clients, and we listened to our business community. We wanted to understand what people thought, and felt, about Franklyn. 

Our aim was quite straightforward. We wanted our brand to be able to communicate better, quicker and more clearly with you, our valued clients.

We wanted a brand that simplifies our communications, enabling us to provide a better service.

A brand that provides more financial education and insights with a relentless focus on care, intergenerational planning and giving back to our local community. 

A brand that adapts, with more digital services, for our clients’ ease and convenience.

At the heart of it are the vision and values that define our business. We’re committed to trust, caring, community and growth – were here for what matters in life, wherever you are on your journey.

Areas of expertise

You may already be familiar with some of our different services and business areas. Whether youve encountered them previously or not, all now benefit from our revised branding, helping to communicate more clearly with you about our specialist services and how we’re helping specific audiences. 

A great deal of work has gone into our new identity and we’re looking forward to seeing it grow and expand over time as we push ahead with delivering Financial Planning – For What Matters.


A word from our Managing Director, Andrew Chatterton….

We hope you love our new brand identity as much as we do.

We’ve come a long way since our launch 24 years ago, and we now have a brand that reflects how far we have come and creates excitement for the future. As part of our rebrand, we’ve clarified our name, so from now on well always be Franklyn, not FFM.

Youll be seeing a lot more of our new brand as its rolled out over the coming days, weeks and months, and we hope you find that it reflects the friendly and approachable way we do business.

Weve worked hard to create a brand that reflects us and the future of Franklyn. And while our look is changing, you can be sure that our commitment to you, your family and your loved ones and the wider community is the same as its been since day one.




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