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Our Managing Director, Andrew Chatterton, joined St. James’s Place Wealth Management when it was J Rothschild Assurance in 1998 and has built one of the most respected and successful businesses within the group. Andrew works with clients from all types of professions but has significant specialism in helping business owners build, grow, and exit their companies as well as working with professional sports people and other celebrities. We caught up with Andrew for a spotlight interview to ask him a few questions about himself and to see how life has changed for him as Managing Director since the pandemic.

What motivates you?
“Doing the right thing, creating a legacy and hard work.”

Can people still get Financial Advice during this time?
“Absolutely and it is more important than ever!”

What are your clients asking most about and what are you telling them?
“My clients have been very well educated and understand the value of trusted advice through our years of working together. Right now, they are asking me about the investment markets, the economy and they are wanting to understand how they can make the most of economic opportunities that have appeared and will develop over the coming years.”

How have things at work changed for you over the last 6 weeks?
“For me there has been unimaginable change. Using new technology like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Face Time has allowed me to meet all my clients that wanted and needed to see me quickly; this has allowed us to have high contact with clients who are all over the country which I never imagined would be possible and consequently will be something we will do permanently. It will not replace face to face advice, but it will allow us to have high contact throughout the year and allow me to complete large amounts of meetings whilst becoming highly efficient and provide an even better service to our clients.”

Can you give us a day in the life of Andy during lockdown?
“Monday and Friday are Managing Director duties, running the company and picking up unfinished matters from the three days in the week. But for the rest of the week I usually wake up and check the news, get to my desk for 9am and whilst having breakfast, I run my daily meeting with my personal team who help me manage and look after my clients that I am personally responsible for. At 10am, my first audio call with my client followed by writing up all the actions and advice from the meeting if I have time to do so during my lunch. At 1pm, my second audio call followed by a third at around 5pm. At around 7pm I will work through emails for the day that are urgent and have my dinner at around 8.30pm which is when I will finish for the day.”

Why is FFM different?
“We are a genuine relationship led business, that gives back and enjoys the journey with our clients at the heart of the business, supported by some of the most highly skilled, motivated people in the profession. We have our own brand built over 22 years and have become a hugely successful company backed by a FTSE 100 business, St. James’s Place Wealth Management, who provide the elements of the overall service and delivery that is distinct from the competition. This is a unique partnership.”

What is your greatest accomplishment?
“Building FFM organically from a start up business with a desk, phone, and business card in 1998 with few contacts and no clients, to the business that it is today. It has allowed us to provide first class advice and service to many families and businesses, providing the springboard to the Summer Swing and other giving back projects that we have created in the community”

What do you do when you are not working?
“Spend as much time as I can with my amazing children and wife. I also play national level competitive badminton with Ian, our Business Relations Director.”

What 3 skills would you say are needed to become a good leader?
“Credibility, self-belief and the ability to know your weakness.”

Take yourself back 23 years, what advice would you give to a young Andy?
“Have a greater vision, think big, dream big, be confident, believe in yourself, you can do anything you want to and to follow your heart and instincts. Work out your weakness and employ people better than you to do these things for you”

What do you hope for within the future?
“To spend more time with all my children and amazing wife, Charlotte. To complete the transition of my young talented team to become owners of FFM and fulfil the next generation whilst I am young enough to enjoy the success with them. I would also say I hope to find more quality time to play the sport I love, badminton, and win some serious nation and international titles in my age category.”

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