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Franklyn Fox pays a visit to his first school

After launching our book at the end of February, we were delighted to kick start our Franklyn Fox School Tour at the beginning of the month with a visit to Woodcock’s Well CE Primary School.

Working alongside award-winning author Nick Jones and film and television graphic designer Ant Harding, we created Franklyn — No Ordinary Fox to help teach children the importance of investing in their future, as well as touching on themes of being kind to one another and to the world we live in.

While there is no mention of money in the book, the metaphor of Franklyn Fox gathering his nuts and berries and planting seeds to grow trees for an ongoing source of food is used to teach children that by saving and investing in their future, they can lead a more positive and healthy life.

Andrew Chatterton, managing director here at Franklyn Financial Management, commented: “We already work closely with the secondary schools in our local area, so we wanted to create something which would allow us to work with the younger children in primary schools in our community, to help teach them the principles about moneybut also about the value in giving back and doing the right thing.”

The visit to Woodcock’s Well was the first stop for us as we embark on our Franklyn Fox School Tour where we plan to give out 5,000 copies of the book to children across the North West.

After enjoying having the book read to them, the pupils discussed the book with our business relations coordinator, Chloe Tatton, before continuing the session with some colouring in of a picture of Franklyn Fox.

Chloe added: “It was great to visit Woodcock’s Well as the first stop on our Franklyn Fox School Tour. The children were incredibly well behaved and understood all the key themes that we wanted to teach them about through the book itself. We’re really looking forward to getting out to more schools and spreading Franklyn Fox’s message even further!”

No Franklyn Fox school session would be complete without a visit from the main character himself and we were delighted to arrange for Franklyn Fox to go along to end the morning as well as give each pupil a book to take home.

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