Hi, I’m Paul and I’m a client of Franklyn.


My Franklyn Story

So, how did you get started with Franklyn?

I’ve had a relationship with the team at Franklyn for 3 years now, I started working with them, on the community side, when we collaborated on a project through the Prince’s Trust back in 2019. 

I worked and got to know their community trust team as we worked together with a college based in Newcastle. We worked with young people at the college, developing essential employment schemes for them.

This was all in lockdown so done remotely but I still managed to build a great relationship with them and got to understand their company ethos.

I got to a point where I thought I’d need to consider my finances and asked to be in touch with the Advisers at Franklyn to see if they could help me. I have now been working with Franklyn for 12 months.

How has it been so far?

My financial adviser is Dale, he started as my financial adviser but now he’s also a great friend, that’s the great thing about Franklyn. When I was a manager, I liked to think my staff worked with me rather than for me and that’s exactly how I feel about Franklyn and the way they work. We have very similar beliefs, Dale and the team at Franklyn work with me, rather than for me and that builds a very personable relationship.

Why did you choose Franklyn?

I choose Franklyn over other financial advisers due to their community involvement; I love the ethos of the company as it’s very similar to mine.

How have Franklyn helped you?

Franklyn helped me in many ways, I got to a situation where I needed to review my finances so I initially sat down with Dale and we went through a range of options in terms of a pension transfer and the transfer of an ISA. More recently he has been helping my daughter with her mortgage, which has been fantastic.

Would you recommend Franklyn?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would recommend Franklyn to anybody. I already have, to my family members and friends. They’re a great company!

We have very similar beliefs, Dale and the team at Franklyn work with me rather than for me, and that builds a very personable relationship.

Paul Francis

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