Hi, I'm Barry, my wife Jayne and I are both clients of Franklyn.


My Franklyn Story

Where it all began

We’ve been clients of Franklyn, for around 5 years now. Originally, we were introduced to Franklyn by a local letting agency and introduced to Dale. Dale arranged a buy-to-let mortgage for us, in the first instance, but then started to look into our pensions and various other products.

Dale is our Adviser but he’s now also a friend, we’ve built a fantastic relationship with him, based on a huge amount of trust. He doesn’t sell us things, he advises us about them and we go with it, as we trust him. It’s a great relationship.


What makes Franklyn different?

We’ve got to know the whole team at Franklyn, we’ve met them at various social events. It’s lovely to be around everyone, they make you feel at ease.

We’ve met Andy, the owner of Franklyn. It’s a family-run company and Andy treats everyone like one big family. Everyone likes working there and you can tell, you’ve got to admire him for that. He takes a topic that’s considered quite stuffy and formal and makes it fun.

We love the charity events Franklyn runs. There’s the Winter Waltz & the Summer Swing. We can’t play golf so have attended the Winter Waltz for the past few years which is a fantastic Gala ball, fundraising event at the Mere Country Club in Cheshire. We have a fantastic time and Dale always really looks after us at our table.

Why did you choose Franklyn?

We choose Franklyn initially as they were highly recommended. When we started working with Dale, we found him to be amenable, he spoke our language and we got on with him well. We’ve built up so much trust. Once you build trust with someone like that, you’re not going anywhere else. I can get on with what I do best and leave Dale to get on with his side of things.

Would you recommend Franklyn?

I would 100% recommend Franklyn, they’re great.

Once you get to know them and know the team behind the scenes, you realise they’re a very straight company and you can trust them.

They have helped us out no end, they’ve introduced us to our accountants and a team of solicitors too that they advised us to use.

Our whole ‘power team’ is based around Franklyn and the advice and expertise that they brought to the table.



How else did Franklyn help?

Originally, we didn’t want to look at pensions, we were happy with our buy-to-let properties being our pension, but Dale advised us to spread our risk and be more diverse in where we invested our money and it’s the best thing we’ve done.

When looking at our buy-to-let mortgages, we had used several brokers in the past but they were very slow to turn things around. With Franklyn, that wasn’t the case, they were very quick and very on it, and they got us the best deal in the market. They went all out to get us the best deal. They’ve since got us several more buy-to-let mortgages. They were very reactive, and this built up the trust which is so essential. This then helped us to put our money into a pension too and Dale provided some great advice on this.

Our whole ‘power team’ is based around Franklyn and the advice and expertise that they brought to the table.

Barry & Jayne Henderson

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